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About Me


I am an IT professional with eight years of experience and a firm grounding in SRM (supplier relationship management) and spend management. I am a Virginia native who currently resides in Scotch Plains, NJ, about forty five minutes outside Manhattan. As a Senior SQA Analyst with Perfect Commerce, based in Newport News, VA, I telecommute from a home office in New Jersey.

My M.O.

I’m not just another “body” or “resource”. That’s not me at all. I’m a professional who is dynamic; one who brings an interdisciplinary approach to analytics and problem solving. Too often, organizations fill positions with resources who are overly specialized or who fit a mold and discover later that highly adaptive individuals with a keen business sense and a wider skill set would have generated more value within the company and the product.

Although I consider myself well-qualified in the technical realm of SQA, I make every effort to cultivate a skill set based in business, economics, and humanities. In each of my professional roles, I have made it a priority to learn how the product relates to the customer and how it fits into a broader scope. I step outside the role of QA to view the product from the perspective of other departments in the organization. It is from this vantage point that I am able to navigate avenues for process improvement and innovation.


My immediate career goal is to manage the development of a software product or service. A larger goal is to manage my own Web-based start-up. I want to develop a marketable idea or service and then manage its development as a Web solution.


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